The ASC Z80 Steering Committee members include the Z80 Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Secretariat, Subcommittee Chairs and the U.S. Sub TAG Leader to ISO TC172/SC7.

Dr. Carl Tubbs-Chair
American Academy of Ophthalmology

Neil Roche-Vice Chair
Essilor of America Inc.

Dr. William Benjamin-Secretary
American Optometric Association

Michael Vitale-Secretariat
The Vision Council

Richard Whitney
Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc.

Dr. Karl Citek
American Optometric Association

Nick Mileti
National Association of Optometrists and Opticians

Dr. Raj Suryakumar
Alcon Research Ltd.

Charles E. Campbell

Dr. Ralph Stone
R.P. Stone Consulting

Paul Wade
The Vision Council

Michael Vitale
U.S. ISO TC 172/SC7

Rick Van Arnam
Barnes Richardson & Colburn