The following scope is found in the ASC Z80 Operating Procedures.

"The establishment of standards that shall apply to ophthalmic lenses and to equipment, instruments, and processes used in the final fabrication level which affect their performance; to ophthalmic frames, sunglasses, and fashion eyewear; to contact lenses and to accessories for their use; to intraocular implant lenses, refractive implants, refractive lasers, viscoelastic devices, glaucoma shunts and ophthalmic operating microscopes; to low vision devices and ophthalmic contact devices in addition to contact lenses; and to optical instrumentation used in ophthalmic procedures and vision evaluation.

Standards established by this Committee do not apply to industrial or sports safety devices.

Clinical guidelines for professional practices, manufacturing practices, and laboratory practices are beyond the scope of this committee.

When clinical studies or investigations are required by regulatory bodies, examples may be included in informative annexes."