The Vision Council was appointed Secretariat for ASC Z80 in January 2009. The Vision Council staff also handles Z80 communications and the standards voting process.

As Secretariat, The Vision Council is responsible for the organization of the Z80 Committee and its accreditation in accordance with ANSI requirements. The Secretariat ensures that the committee is in compliance with ANSI procedures. The Secretariat primarily performs the administrative work of the committee and is the liaison between the Z80 Committee and ANSI. These duties consist of arranging for ballots, publications of Z80 standards along with revisions and edits of these standards. Records of the ANSI Standards that have been published and the renewal cycle of each standard are also kept.

The administration of the Spring and Fall meetings for ASC Z80 are also part of the Secretariat's duties. Within these meetings, the Secretariat maintains a record of attendees/members of each subcommittee and comes up with a roster of voting members, experts and observers within the committee. The Secretariat also provides agendas and other back-up materials for each of these meetings.

This website was created by The Vision Council to serve the Z80 Committee. Within this site, members, participants and anyone interested in the committee are able to view updates on the Z80 Committee as well as the subcommittees and steering committee. Information on Standards is also provided through the site.

Contact Michael Vitale at [email protected] for more information on the ASC Z80 Secretariat.